3 Ways to Practice Yoga on the Cheap

The Budget Yogi says: Yoga is an ancient practice that shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to practice! Hundreds and thousands of years ago no one had $120 yoga pants and fancy mats to do yoga. Here are a few ways we suggest practicing on a budget.

Online Videos

This is probably the most obvious way to practice cheaply and easily, but a quick search on YouTube yields literally hundreds of thousands of yoga videos, many of which are really well done. You can find videos for all levels of practice! 


At Budget Yogi, we always say the yoga mantra we ascribed to can best be summed up as "Grouponivasana" because we are always, always cruising Groupon and Living Social for the mega yoga deals of the month. If you're willing to jump around to different studios, you too can be on the Groupon yoga train! You'll often find a month for less than $40 or packs of 10 classes for less than $50 - these are amazing savings.

Budget Yogi Clothes

When it comes to yoga (and yoga clothes), more expensive doesn't always mean better. Don't buy the hype! Buy on our site and you'll get the best deal. We keep our prices low because we believe every woman should be able to afford and practice yoga comfortably with style.


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